SCORE is a free network of business mentors who partner with aspiring and existing small business owners. Mentors are experienced entrepreneurs, executives, and corporate managers who provide advice, consultation, and education on small business topics specific to mentee needs. SCORE mentors guide small business owners through simple business questions, complex challenges, and everything in between. SCORE services have made a positive impact on the small business community in Iowa. As of 2022, 90% of Iowa businesses that partnered with SCORE were still in business. Additionally, 55% of Iowa businesses that worked with SCORE reported an increase in revenue.

LS2group partnered with SCORE to tailor its message to ensure it reached small businesses and key stakeholders. To secure these goals, the public relations team drafted a variety of media materials which included news pitches, talking points for spokespersons, and news releases. Stories were pitched to print, online, television, radio, and non-traditional news outlets. Once stories were pitched, the LS2group team monitored the outlets pitched and sent reports to SCORE leadership.

Over the course of the three-month campaign, LS2group drafted three news releases, two opinion pieces, and proactive media pitches across the state to highlight SCORE’s small business success stories. The content focused on SCORE’s positive impact on rural businesses, female-owned businesses, and preparing business owners to respond to natural disasters. Throughout the course of the campaign, LS2group pitched six SCORE mentors as spokespersons and provided them with SCORE talking points and interview preparations. Additionally, the LS2group team pitched five SCORE businesses and prepared business owners for news interviews.

Target media audiences were Des Moines, Council Bluffs-Omaha, Cedar Rapids-Waterloo, Davenport, and Sioux City. The campaign captured the attention of state and local media outlets, which resulted in more than 2.6 million print, television, and radio impressions across the state, more than $16,000 in total advertising value, and 18 media placements.