DensityUSA Case Study

Research shows the average police response to a burglary is six minutes, while the average burglary takes four minutes – meaning law enforcement typically responds to these crimes instead of stopping them in the act.

With increasing concerns over retail crime, theft, and shoplifting, the team at DensityUSA realized a need to bring intrusion deterrents – already in use for years in Europe and Australia – to the United States.

DensityUSA offers active intrusion deterrent systems against burglaries, rioters, looters, and other criminals. Specifically, a product line of fogging systems that rapidly fill a retail or commercial space with non-toxic fog, reducing visibility to near-zero in seconds. As the company says, “Intruders can’t steal what they can’t see!”

Utilizing proprietary technology and a clear vision for implementation, the company’s primary concern is focused on increasing awareness of its products and their effectiveness. With this in mind, DensityUSA came to LS2group for assistance with public relations and marketing in the summer of 2023.

Since then, LS2group has helped the company tell its story through earned media services. LS2group’s strategy began with national media, as the team creatively pitched DensityUSA to reporters and outlets interested in covering crime. This led to early coverage in Fox Digital, ABC, and CBS. LS2group was then able to leverage the interest generated by these stories into further coverage by Fox Business, CNBC, Fox and Friends, Newsmax, and the Washington Examiner, among others.

After several months, LS2group pivoted toward more targeted, local efforts, focusing on markets DensityUSA wanted to break into. This has helped the company grow sales and build relationships nationwide.

Additionally, repeated coverage by major outlets has allowed DensityUSA to become a subject matter expert on crime deterrence, meaning news publications have started looking to company leadership for opinions on retail theft and more.

Many of DensityUSA’s customers are local or independent stores, demonstrating the need for theft prevention technology in stores of all kinds. LS2group’s efforts have also helped secure agreements for DensityUSA with sprinkler and burglar alarm system installation companies. Finally, the company is continuing to grow and currently targeting partnerships with national brands to reach its full potential.

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