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Sean Moscynski


Sean Moscynski se especializa en asuntos públicos, relaciones públicas y defensa comunitaria.

Sean has extensive experience in international affairs, strategic communications, and media relations. His involvement in renewable energy projects, mainly solar initiatives in Michigan, highlights his commitment to sustainable development. Sean has been instrumental in agriculture production projects, and his manufacturing expertise has been pivotal in improving environmental practices and enhancing community perception. His work has also included public awareness and earned media campaigns in retail and public safety, with an emphasis on product safety and consumer education, as well as crime prevention and response strategies, respectively.

Before joining LS2group, Sean was a membership development manager at the Michigan Chameber of Commerce. While there, Sean cultivated and procured relationships within the Michigan business community.

Political campaigns, however, brought Sean to Michigan. in the 2020 election cycle, Sean served as Michigan’s director of strategic initiatives and coalitions for the Republican National Committee. In addition to Michigan, Sean has worked in Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Massachusetts, Missouri, Nebraska, New Hampshire, and New York. Having worked on presidential, senatorial, congressional, state, and local campaigns nationwide, Sean has extensive political and strategic management experience.

Additionally, Sean has spend time consulting in the private sector for the Union Pacific Railroad and the Key Largo Chamber of Commerce.

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