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Andre Bauer

Senior Advisor, South Carolina

Andre Bauer specializes in communications with the legislative and executive branch of the federal government.

Prior to joining LS2group, Andre served as lieutenant governor of South Carolina. He also presided over the South Carolina Senate as president, thus simultaneously serving in both the legislative and executive branches of government. He played a crucial role in transferring the Bureau of Senior Services from the Department of Health and Human Services to the Lieutenant Governor’s Office on Aging (LGOA) in 2004, and testified before congress on the condition of aging in relation to the Older Americans Act.

Andre also serves as chairman of Palmetto Tomorrow Foundation, which organizes projects for the well being of senior citizens. As lieutenant governor and as part of the Rodel Fellowship Program, he traveled to more than 20 countries to recruit new business and encourage investment and trade in South Carolina.

Apart from his role in South Carolina politics, Andre is the founder and sole owner of Bunk Aviation, a real estate and restoration company. He also served as captain in the South Carolina State Guard.

Andre earned a Bachelor of Science in business from University of South Carolina in 1991.

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