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Gavin Kreidler 专门从事公共事务活动和传播。

Gavin’s political career began in Sedgwick County at the age of fourteen when he began working political campaigns for a local city council member. After many campaigns and a position with Congresswoman Lynn Jenkins and the Hein Law Firm in Topeka, Gavin Kreidler decided to capitalize on his strong relationships. Kreidler has represented trade associations, coalitions consisting of Fortune 100 companies, and non-profit organizations.

Gavin 的客户尊重他对他们的问题的不懈奉献,并珍视他作为诚实、忠诚和精明的政治顾问的声誉。他对人的真诚关心使他能够与立法者、支持人员、其他说客和政府官员建立有意义的关系。