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Colorado Director

Hans Gullickson 专门从事草根组织、联盟建设和激进主义培训。除了联邦、州和市政候选人外,他还为多个州共和党提供服务和战略建议。

他的经验包括在全州范围内开创了一个系统的培训活动家计划,重点是志愿者招募、选民身份识别和选民投票率的有效策略。在 2004 年和 2006 年,汉斯代表所有联邦、州和立法运动负责协调全州范围内的所有志愿者和选民投票工作。汉斯的职责还包括代表候选人实施赢媒体策略和发布活动。此外,他还就影响各州的有关候选人提名、竞选财务和选举法的法律向州立法者提供建议。

Hans Gullickson has held leadership positions in three different state parties, having served as a consultant to the Nevada Republican Party, executive director of the Colorado Republican Party, and Political Director of the Iowa Republican Party. He also worked on Steve Forbes 2000 Presidential campaign, and worked for congressional and municipal campaigns in Las Vegas and southern Nevada. Hans is also a former small business owner who started, and after five years sold, an insurance and financial services business.


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