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Hans Gullickson

Colorado Director

Hans Gullickson specializes in grassroots organizing, coalition building, and activist training. He has provided services and strategic advice to multiple State Republican Parties in addition to federal, state, and municipal candidates.

His experience includes pioneering a systematic program for training activists on a statewide basis with a focus on effective strategies for volunteer recruitment, voter identification, and voter turnout. In both 2004 and 2006, Hans was responsible for coordinating all statewide volunteer and voter turnout efforts on behalf of all federal, state, and legislative campaigns. Hans’ duties have also included implementing earned media strategies on behalf of candidates and issue campaigns. Additionally, he has advised state legislators on laws affecting state parties concerning candidate nominations, campaign finance, and election laws.

Hans has held leadership positions in three different state parties, having served as a consultant to the Nevada Republican Party, executive director of the Colorado Republican Party, and Political Director of the Iowa Republican Party. He also worked on Steve Forbes 2000 Presidential campaign, and worked for congressional and municipal campaigns in Las Vegas and southern Nevada. Hans is also a former small business owner who started, and after five years sold, an insurance and financial services business.

He and his wife Jennifer have a son and reside in Centennial, Colorado.

Centennial, CO
[email protected]