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Emily Bir specializes in public affairs, crisis communications, and media relations.

在加入 LS2group 之前,Emily 曾在位于密歇根州的 Templar Baker Group 担任公共事务总监。在那里,Emily 与全国和全州的客户合作开展公共事务和媒体关系活动。此外,艾米丽还为密歇根州的政治候选人提供传播战略和媒体宣传方面的建议。

在她的职业生涯中,Emily 曾与私营和公共部门客户合作,包括财富 500 强公司、贸易协会和企业公司,开展媒体宣传和当地参与。

Emily’s experience includes advocacy and public relations efforts on behalf of clients and issues across the energy industry including for solar, hydrogen, HVDC, and developments. Additionally, Emily has extensive experience in international affairs and within the agriculture industry, advocating on behalf of pork producers. She has also worked with manufacturing companies to advocate on behalf of their issues and throughout the environmental permitting processes.

Emily works to creatively grow local media coverage and achieve advocacy goals by collaborating closely with her clients. As a result of this approach, Emily once created a bacon vending machine that charted more than 1,100 positive news stories and 6,500 social media mentions within a few weeks.

Emily 的职业生涯始于密歇根州总检察长、州众议院、州参议院和密歇根州共和党的政治传播领域。 Emily worked closely with elected officials and candidates to sharpen their messages and ensure appropriate campaign communications strategies.

艾米丽 (Emily) 在密歇根州立大学获得了传播学学士学位,她还在那里打过网球队。 Emily 和她的丈夫 Michael 目前住在密歇根州斯普林莱克,喜欢在湖上消磨时光。