The dawn of the digital age transformed the way Americans view the secondary school system. No longer bound by four walls, education has become rich with opportunity and creativity. With Iowa’s well-earned reputation as a leader in education, it is not surprising the state was at the forefront of initiatives designed to re-contextualize the way high school education is structured.

Online schools have grown in popularity over the last decade. Structured to meet the needs of students motivated by the inherent flexibility of the new educational paradigm, online high schools offer a solution to those struggling to achieve their educational goals due to inflexible schedules, a non-traditional learning pace, or social barriers.

Connections Education, an online high school, was approved by Iowa policymakers for a limited time period. It came under attack by educational activists who believed it threatened the traditional school environment. Thus, Connections Education was at risk of losing its Congressional approval.

The LS2group government affairs team developed and executed a long-range strategic plan, working with parents and students to help educate state lawmakers about the positive benefits Connections Education’s online school provided to many Iowa students. Due to these efforts, legislators extended the online school’s ability to operate and lifted other restrictions, allowing Iowa students to continue to benefit from its unique format.