Ford Motor Company Kansas City Auto Show

The focal point of the 2013 Kansas City Auto Show was the local unveiling of the new Ford Transit commercial van. This was the first time the vehicle, to be manufactured at the Kansas City Assembly Plant, was physically seen in Kansas City. The field team secured Gerald Koss, Marketing and Product Strategy Manager for Ford’s North America Fleet, Lease and Remarketing Operations, to serve as the speaker for this event.

LS2group coordinated closely with the Governor’s office to secure Missouri Governor Jay Nixon as an additional speaker and release joint press materials to local media. During his time in office, Governor Nixon made Ford Motor Company operations in Missouri one of his top economic priorities. Our teams also invited area elected officials and local Ford dealers to the event.

LS2group planned the unveiling event to occur before the show officially opened to the public. Several dealers, Kansas City Assembly Plant officials, media outlets, representatives from several local organizations, and various elected officials were in attendance.

In addition to the unveiling event, LS2group also hosted a “sneak peak” event for local Mustang clubs before the show opened to the public. Over 50 guests attended from the Mustang Club of Greater Kansas City and the Mid American Mustangers. We secured Ford Regional Manager, Kevin Klossner, as the speaker for this event.

Representative from all major print and broadcast media outlets attended the unveiling event. We secured several interview opportunities for spokesperson Gerry Koss.

LS2group also coordinated with local media outlets to secure several additional interview opportunities throughout the duration of the auto show. We recruited George O’Sullivan of Thoroughbred Ford to complete seven separate, live television interviews and demonstrations on the 2013 Ford Flex on Ford’s MyKey technology. Ford’s Mike Moran also completed an interview with the local FOX affiliate on a recap of information offered during the Transit unveiling event.

The LS2group campaign secured 17 social media mentions and 29 media clips with the following TV, radio, and print publications:

  • Kansas City Business Journal
  • Kansas City Star
  • Liberty Tribune
  • Kearney Courier
  • Independence Examiner
  • Every Man’s Auto Blog