Medium Marketing & Recruitment

Every four years, the Iowa caucuses draw the eyes of the nation to this part of the country during presidential election years as political pundits try to predict major party nominees based on the choices of Iowa voters. As part of this “first-in-the-nation” status, Iowa is known as a political epicenter.

With all eyes on Iowa during the caucuses, there was a unique opportunity for Iowans to share their perspective and opinions with the nation. Medium, a social publishing platform, was a perfect outlet for Iowans to do just that.

Medium, approached LS2group during the 2016 election year to recruit Iowa activists from both political parties to contribute to a publication they crafted specifically for caucus season. “Middle of Nowhere, Center of Everything” was a collaborative social media experience focused not only on politics, but on important policy questions and unique cultural aspects of Iowa as well. LS2group ensured the success of this Medium publication by recruiting nearly 300 Iowans and political observers from around the country to use the platform to engage in conversations and share their thoughts on what was happening “on the ground” leading up to Election Day.