Navy Week Minneapolis

The United States Navy plays a critical role in protecting American interests. Our Naval forces are deployed around the world and ready at a moment’s notice to defend America’s national security. Likewise, the U.S. Navy protects the national economy by securing the nation’s interests on the high seas. Approximately 90 percent of world goods are traded across the oceans, and nearly all-electronic financial transactions between the U.S. and other continents are transmitted through submarine cables.

In an effort to highlight the importance of this branch of the military, the Navy sponsors Navy Weeks to illustrate the crucial role of the Navy in the American way of life. Since 2005, this program has served as the Navy’s principal outreach effort in regions lacking a significant Navy presence. In 2017, Minneapolis was chosen as one of 15 cities in the U.S. to host this event.

LS2group was responsible for finding unique venues, events, and media opportunities to highlight the extraordinary skills and knowledge of the men and women of the Navy. LS2group scheduled 68 experiences over the span of one week. Some notable events included an appearance by the Navy Leap Frog Precision Jumping Team at the opening ceremonies for the Schwan’s Cup World Soccer tournament and Navy divers performing in the aquarium tanks at the Minnesota Zoo. LS2group also pitched media for a wreath laying ceremony on the Mississippi River with the recovery divers who returned to mark the 10th anniversary of the I-35 bridge collapse.

As a result of LS2group planning, media outreach, and community networking, Minneapolis Navy Week was overwhelmingly successful. Over the span of seven days, Navy personnel had 448,333 in-person impressions, 250,462 print impressions, 1,092,658 broadcast impressions, and 2,896,219 social media impressions.