National Governors Association 2016 Summer Meeting

National Governors Association Iowa

The destination of the annual National Governors Association (NGA) 2016 Summer Meeting was the state of Iowa. The annual meeting – held in a different location each summer – brought governors, their families, staff, additional elected officials, key influencers, and media to Iowa to participate in both meetings and social events. LS2group was tasked with creating unique branding, fundraising, planning social events, and executing various elements of the four-day meeting.

Immediately, we went to work establishing a non-profit and board. Over more than 18 months, LS2group created a once-in-a-lifetime experience for the Governors and their families in the state of Iowa. Working closely with Governor and Mrs. Branstad, our team developed themes and events that brought to life their desire to showcase many of the unique qualities of the state they love.

Planning was key to successfully executing five social events with multiple elected officials and their staff, corporate leadership, and key influencers. LS2group’s initial efforts included creation of a 501c3 non-profit organization, development and management of the budget, fundraising, and logo and brand development. Once the foundation was laid, our team focused on event logistics and contingency plans, vendor management, security, ground transportation, volunteer coordination, community service activities, and print production for hundreds of materials and signs.

The five social events during the four-day conference showcased Iowa’s culture, dedication to innovation, and history. LS2group developed unique experiences at each event, including fireworks, entertainment performances including the Isiserettes Drill and Drum Corp, dinner at Governor Branstad’s residence, Terrace Hill, a live-painting experience, and a mini-state fair night complete with vendors and a concert featuring Three Dog Night.

The NGA 2016 Summer Meeting in Des Moines was a successful way for Governor Branstad, his staff, and LS2group to showcase the many wonderful things Iowa has to offer. Governor Branstad thanked the LS2group team on his personal Twitter account for the execution of the four-day conference.