Rembrandt Crisis Communications

Scrambled, fried, or over-easy, it’s likely that an Iowa farmer is responsible for that egg on your plate. Iowa is the No. 1 egg producing state in the nation, and as such, was highly impacted by the 2015 Avian Influenza outbreak.

Rembrandt, an Iowa company and the third largest egg producer in the entire world, lost millions of laying hens as the outbreak swept across the country, despite industry-leading biosecurity protocols. A staggering 50 million chickens and turkeys were lost in total.

Throughout this crisis period, LS2group worked closely with Rembrandt, Iowa elected officials, federal leaders at the USDA, members of Congress, and the media in order to effectively communicate key messages and updates, share best practices, and – most importantly – reassure consumers of product and personal safety.

LS2group served as a Rembrandt spokesperson during this time and provided media training to key members of the company’s leadership team – ensuring their preparedness for on-camera interviews. The team also created and implemented a comprehensive crisis communications plan and structure at the company that will remain in place well into the future.

Avian Influenza’s negative impact was felt across the globe, but Rembrandt maintained its stellar reputation, despite arduous circumstances, and emerged as an industry thought leader.