Wellmark Media Training

For most companies, the hallmark of effective communication is the ability to connect a message with target audiences and inspire action. Wellmark Blue Cross and Blue Shield enlisted the expertise of LS2group to help bridge the gap between company messaging and public perception. Although Wellmark had several experts on various health insurance topics on staff, these individuals’ knowledge was not effectively messaged externally. LS2group provided training for presentation and media interview opportunities to Wellmark leadership, including one of the most respected former TV anchors in the state of Iowa. The primary objectives were to provide experience, increase confidence, and help develop skills for leaders at Wellmark to actively engage with the general public and media.

LS2group developed a comprehensive and interactive media and presentation training customized with key messages for each set of participants. Wellmark leadership had the opportunity to learn the core skills of interacting with media, answering questions, dealing with difficult situations, and communicating key messages. The training included a public speaking opportunity and on-camera practice interviews to allow further instruction through participant review, evaluation, and identification of areas of improvement.

A short survey was conducted following the 10-session training. Feedback from participants was highly favorable, including comments describing this training as the best they ever received during their employment at Wellmark.