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Bruceanne Phillips

Vice President

Bruceanne Phillips specializes in making clients stand out from the crowd.

Bruceanne has generated a successful track record in media, public relations, fundraising, and project management. As a coalitions director for a national campaign, Bruceanne worked with advocacy groups to build a support structure in seven states for the client. As a seasoned marketing expert, Bruceanne employs a creative and relentless approach for finding media opportunities for Fortune 500 companies, associations, and advocacy groups.

Bruceanne brings her work to her personal life. As a founding member of the Des Moines Diocese Global Advocacy team, she uses her photography and writing skills to bring stories back to Des Moines that highlight the effect of local aid dollars on poverty-stricken countries. Her goal is to enlighten a new generation of advocates.

Bruceanne has a broadcasting degree from Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, IL.

Minneapolis, MN
[email protected]