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Tammy Ibach

Senior Advisor, North Dakota

Tammy Ibach specializes in grassroots initiatives, public relations, and connecting people in North Dakota to issues and policies that are beneficial to residents and taxpayers.

With more than 30 years of marketing, advertising, and public relations experience, Tammy implements strategies to drive home runs for clients in community outreach, advocacy, and government relations. Long-term relationship building is one of her key strengths, and the ability to connect the dots in North Dakota has proven successful in delivering results for clients.

With the intent to keep the focus centered and to do what is right for the State for the long-term, Tammy works with business leaders, CEO’s, employees, and soccer moms to influence direction, opinion, and policy one word and one person at a time.

Tammy has managed 34 legislative races with a 98 percent success rate. Community outreach, collecting data, coordinating community events, and organizing groups and individuals are key components in defining success. With a lengthy history building relationships in every region in the state, Tammy uses her vast network to build a strategy of success of clients.

Tammy Ibach has significant experience working on wind and energy issues across the North Dakota. Tammy is a graduate of the University of North Dakota with a degree in marketing.

North Dakota
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