2020: A Year in Reflection

Dec 31

Photo by Javier Quiroga on Unsplash

Written by ls2group

2020 was not the year many people planned for. In fact it was the most unprecedented and historical year in modern day history. The COVID-19 pandemic forced people throughout the world to quarantine by staying at home, which resulted in the closure of small businesses and states across the country. Aside from the global pandemic, the United States saw civil unrest and one of the most historical presidential elections.  

As we close the chapter on 2020, we cannot forget all that we’ve learned in one of the most difficult years. Here are a few lessons we can carry with us into 2021.

Don’t take things for granted.

As difficult as it was to be separated from family and friends, it’s also an important reminder for us to cherish the little moments we have, like spending more time at home with loved ones and playing board games, or binge watching TV. Technology made it possible for people to stay connected and one could argue, people seemed more connected this year than years past.

In the workplace, unfortunately, many people were laid off as their companies downsized. But for those whose companies were able to keep its employees and struggled through the new virtual normal, it is a reminder about how lucky some are to be able to provide for our families and how thankful we should be to have jobs. Being thankful for the little things is a lesson we can carry into the new year.

Adapting during difficult times.

As schools and workplaces moved into the virtual world, many people, even those technologically challenged, had to adapt to a new normal. It wasn’t easy, but it’s a reminder that we need to be able to adapt in any situation. In addition, nurses, doctors, restaurant workers, delivery drivers, and others who provide the goods and services we need often go unrecognized. However, 2020 shed a light on how important these individuals are and how they adapted during extreme circumstances.

Kindness, grace, and compassion are among the richest gifts of all.

Among 2020’s unique traits were the ways in which kindness and compassion shined: wearing a mask, staying home, practicing social distancing, and protecting one another from an uncertain health crisis.

At work and school, many people struggled with working or learning virtually. Technology doesn’t come easy to everyone. But, this year, people were more forgiving and accommodating when individuals struggled to find the mute button and gave a helpful hand when people needed it.

While we most certainly don’t wish to repeat 2020, we can’t forget the important lessons and experiences we’ve gained that we can carry with us into the new year. So, here’s to 2021, may it be filled with thankfulness, thoughtfulness, and kindness.