How Brands Can Stand Out This Holiday Season

Dec 09

Written by ls2group

Although the upcoming holiday season is filled with the usual joyfulness and cheer, we can all agree there’s also quite a bit of uncertainty and noise brought on by the pandemic. This is evident with what seems like an already overcrowded digital world.

This year, nonprofits are trying to secure donations after cancelling their annual fundraising events, while businesses are trying to stay connected with old and new customers. This makes it challenging to keep up and stand out with your own brand and objectives when the whole world is forced to communicate virtually.

However, as public relations and marketing professionals, there’s no challenge we aren’t primed to tackle head on. Here are three ways to help your brand stand out during this unique holiday season.

1. Showcase your mission

This may seem obvious, but it can’t be stressed enough: Your mission is the reason behind all your goals, so express it strongly and express it often. It’s the holiday season, people are in the mood for feel-good stories, so use this as an opportunity to convey your mission through your message.

However, this will take some creativity, although your mission and your messaging will be consistent, your delivery has to be vibrant and engaging. The more people who are reached, the greater chance you have to communicate what your business and/or nonprofit is all about, and why it is they should support it.

2. Engage with your audience’s influencers

The first step is to pay special attention to your audience and who/what they follow. This will be a helpful indication guiding you to businesses and individuals you should be partnering with this holiday season.

The second step is to vet those influencers. This is important, it’s one thing to identify who has influence over your target audience, what they like and their niches, but you must be able to trust that influencer to add to your brand, not takeaway or distract from your mission.

3. Be creative with virtual events

If you’re a small business trying to get customers through your doors, think about how a virtual event could showcase your product. This event could be anything from a virtual fashion show, to a weekly Facebook live talking about gift ideas. If you’re hosting a virtual fundraiser, think about investing in microphones so people watching online can hear the hosts. Prior to hosting any virtual event, do several test runs to make sure there are no technical difficulties.

There are many tactics and strategies to use when leveraging your mission effectively amid a sea of digital competition and loud virtual voices. However, choosing the right ones at the right time is crucial to your business and/or nonprofit’s success.