Professional Communication Strategies and Tactics You Need to Know

Feb 10

Unsplash photo by Maxim Ilyahov

Written by ls2group

A strong communications approach must be strategic with a combination of earned media, paid media, and digital media tactics working together to bolster your client’s message and to complete their mission.

Here’s a rundown of three strategies and their respective tactics, that you should keep in mind when establishing the next steps of your client’s communications plan.

Earned Media

While this strategy is cost effective, it takes time, dedication and confidence to truly be successful. This strategy involves tactfully researching and planning the best outlets and reporters to pitch your story. This also includes developing a thoughtful media list and keeping track of the progress you make with every reporter and outlet.

Offer interviews or additional tools to help those reporters cover your client’s story and aim to create a working relationship with each reporter. This will not only help you potentially land your next piece, it will also add to your credibility and help you establish yourself as a trustworthy communications professional.

Paid Media

It will take allocated dollars to accomplish, but a paid media strategy offers another opportunity to develop relationships with ad representatives, gain secured exposure, and learn the ins and outs of the outlet and/or publication.

The first step is determining with your client their goal for the ad: brand awareness, sales, recruitment, etc. From there, take time to examine the proper target audiences and the optimal media markets. Then start reaching out to ad representatives and ask about their media kits. This information about the publication and relationship with the respective ad representative will guide you to the next steps of creating an ad and placing it at the perfect time.

Digital Media

Digital media continues to grow and change every day, so keeping up with ongoing industry trends, tactics, and news as it relates to social media, digital advertising, search engine optimizations (SEOs) and digital analytics is key. Videos, photos, memes, gifs, blogs, and ads on social media are some of the top tactics used to foster a strong digital presence.

Additionally, take into consideration the content of each tactic must be tailored to bolster your client’s end goal. Whether it’s driving potential customers to your client’s website to purchase their products or gaining more followers on your client’s Twitter to leverage their issue, the content you create must be versatile enough for engagement, consistent with your client’s brand, and appeal to your client’s targeted audiences. The next time you’re faced with developing a communication plan, don’t forget to strategize the many ways you can reach people through earned media, paid media, and digital media tactics.