Engaging with Social Media Trends

Mar 31

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Written by ls2group

Social media became an even larger outlet for creativity amid the pandemic as people spent more hours on their devices, drawn to entertaining content. From TikTok challenges to photos of cute work-from-home fur-friends, and much more, there are many opportunities for brands to engage with current social media trends.

Here are a few social media trends brands should keep in mind as they create their next digital campaign.


Video content is big on social media and it’s projected this trend is here to stay in many shapes and forms. As people spend more time on their devices, scrolling up and down their feeds, they are more likely to stop scrolling when they see eye catching content, especially video content.

However, consumers want to see the world from the perspective of the people and brands they follow and relate to. Brands should consider native video which is made up of content that is relatable, genuine, and not overproduced. This type of content will keep consumers entertained and wanting more. For brands to increase their reach and following, as well as stay current on social media, they should be willing to show the personal side of their company, including the people who represent them, work for them, and the overall personality of their brand.

Social Media Challenges

Long gone are the days of Tide Pod challenges and ice bucket challenges. However, this doesn’t mean challenges are obsolete, in fact social media challenges are one of the most relevant ways to become viral. So, what’s different about these “new” viral challenges? These new challenges are bringing people together such as the #BlindingLightsChallenge and the #BeautifulPeople challenge.

Whatever the challenge, media consumers are taking part in producing similar videos with their own personal twist. This trend, whether its dances, pranks, or life hacks, opens the door for brands to participate and stay relevant to what’s popular with their target audiences.

Additionally, some brands are taking this trend a step further and creating their own challenges which are gaining positive social media traction.


It may come as a surprise to some, but hashtags are making a coming back. Hashtags were big about 12 years ago when Twitter first threw its hat into the social media ring. Now, hashtags are being used to categorize videos, social media challenges, photo sharing, and connect content across all platforms. Hashtags are an important (but often unrecognized) component in how these trends are interacted with and widely recognized among social media users. Additionally, there’s opportunity for brands to create their own branded hashtags to be incorporated into online conversation and other content.

Staying on top of what social media users are doing online is an integral part of any social media campaign as trends are constantly evolving. Therefore, it’s crucial to keep up on current trends, as well as being open to trying something new. To learn more visit LS2group and contact us today!