Three Ways to Stay Updated on the World Throughout the Day

May 19

Newspaper on laptop with glasses

Written by ls2group

It’s a busy world we currently live in and there are many newsworthy events happening every day. You’re not alone if you find it overwhelming to stay up to date.

We have access to the world and news sources at our fingertips and there are many ways to incorporate news and current events into our daily lives, through e-newsletters, podcasts, and apps, without disrupting our busy schedules.


Sign up for e-newsletters from your local paper or your local TV station to get a rundown on what’s happening in your community. These newsletters often include summaries on major events, votes, and other current issues readers in the area care about. E-newsletters are usually free to subscribe to and can be delivered straight to your email, so you can start your day with a rundown of newsworthy items from local sources.


Your favorite news-based radio stations or TV shows may have podcasts available that are 15-20 minutes in length and contain the most recent and important stories of the day. Podcasts are convenient when you’re driving to work (you don’t have to worry about missing the live, on-air show), you’re working throughout the day, or you’re waiting in the school parking lot to pick up your kids. The attraction to podcasts is they follow you wherever you go.


Free news apps, such as FlipBoard and SmartNews can be downloaded directly to your phone. Instead of downloading an app for every news outlet, these apps act as a hub, pulling articles from outlets around the globe on topics you want to receive notifications on. From entertainment and politics to science and food, you are in control

The next time you’re wondering how to stay up to date on current events throughout your hectic schedule, try one or all three of these tools. You’ll find yourself incorporating news into your daily routine in ways that are beneficial to you.